#fuudiefest is an annual outdoor food event organized by Fuudnet Technology Ltd. Fuudnet is a technology company that provides a digital platform for cooked meals – for chefs and cooks alike. You can make money by sharing your culinary skills as a cook or a professional chef to as many persons as you can. To know more,

#fuudiefest is an event that celebrates the food culture, bringing you and other food lovers and enthusiast in contact in a socially fun and engaging atmosphere, where interaction, connections and relationships are fostered over a meal of your favorite dishes. The #fuudiefest is all about interaction, relationships, connections and the friendships that meal times provides.

The 2018 #fuudiefest is here and you have never seen anything like it! This year’s #fuudiefest focuses on celebrating the diversity and alluring richness of our Nigerian delicacies from representations across the 6 geopolitical zones.

You will have a chance to sample, eat and taste over 120 meals from all around Nigeria over the course of two days at this years’ event. Be ready to have fun, meet with the chefs, and see your culture represented as well as meet and make new relationships.

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